Diane Foreman, CEO, The Emerald Group

“It is my great pleasure to endorse Thornton Communications. Sarah was recommended to me as a person who really understood how to market a book in New Zealand. I was told that she had excellent media contacts and could put together a campaign that would tell the world that I had a book that they should read. Sarah has done more than that. She has become a friend and someone who I totally trust. With her support and contacts we have made my book, ‘In the Arena’, a bestseller. I know that her media strategy is one of the reasons for our success. I commend her to anyone looking for a professional, well organised, articulate PR campaign.”

Brett Goebel, PARRI$ Manager

“Thank you for all your efforts on Parris Book Launch – WOW. You have done an outstanding job with everything and have generated as much publicity as possible across every age group in New Zealand. It has been a lot of FUN having you along and great getting to turn you to a south side sister.”


“You’ve done an outstanding job for us this year. I’m hugely grateful, as it has all come together in a really rewarding way, and is the best possible way of finishing this very difficult year . . .  You have worked your magic for P&B.”

Nicola Legat, Publisher, Massey University Press

“I’ve worked with Sarah Thornton since 2005, when we were both at Random House New Zealand. I feel blessed to have her handling the publicity for Massey University Press – she is enthusiastic, determined, resourceful, energetic, positive and very well-connected.”

Sir Ray Avery, Medicine Mondiale

“Sarah is above all a consummate professional and always keeps calm even in the eye of the storm and has the skills and acumen to seamlessly operate across a broad spectrum of industries and individuals. I commend Sarah to anyone who wants the very best media and communications skills.”

Harold S. Hillman, Ph.D., Managing Director, Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group

“I can say – quite definitively – that Sarah Thornton is directly responsible for me being able to publish my first book, The Impostor Syndrome, and she has opened doors to some of the most wonderful and illuminating publicity opportunities I might have never imagined!  Sarah is phenomenal at what she does – and how she does it.  Through her counsel and advice, she has helped me contribute to making our world a better place through my writing.”


“Thank you for your excellent service for promotion of our book, Kia Whakanuia te Whenua People, Place, Landscape . . . You were wonderful to work with, did the job we needed, and we are very grateful for the profile you have given our book with booksellers and media.”