Young Queen: The story of a girl who conquered the world

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Published by Mary Egan Publishing,  15 March 2018, RRP: $34.99
“You’re not only a choreographer. You’re everything. So glad I met you.  You’re a QUEEN!!!!! Don’t u ever forget it. I could never thank u enough for whippin’ me into shape and remaining so humble and inspiring. I love u PARRIS.”Nicki Minaj
Parris Goebel is the ultimate #girlboss. High-octane, passionate, authentic, sassy, ‘out there.’ She’s also a perfectionist and one of the hardest-working Millennials on the planet. Hands down, Parris has got ‘da juice’ and now wants to pay it forward on a global scale by sharing her story. She hopes that it will encourage others to back themselves and chase down their dreams.

YOUNG QUEEN reveals the meteoric rise of Poly wonder girl Parris Goebel and the challenges she faced before she made it to the top. Struggling with self-esteem and body image issues in her teenage years, Parris experienced suicidal thoughts and dropped out of school at the age of 15. But Parris had a couple of aces up her sleeve – a burning desire to dance and total commitment to her dream to be a top dancer and choreographer.

Encouraged by her close-knit family, Parris jumped out of her comfort zone and worked like a ‘beast’ to realise her full potential, and then some. Together with father (‘big poppa’), Parris founded acclaimed dance studio The Palace and became famous for pioneering hip-hop dance style Polyswagg. Year after year, Parris and her dance crews (ReQuest, Bubblegum, Sorority, and The Royal Family) cleaned up at the World Championships of Hip Hop. The stars were beginning to align for the audacious brown chick/young queen from Aotearoa, and before long, Parris got the attention of the biggest stars in the music biz.

“I had seen some clips from a New Zealand choreographer named Parris Goebel, and her stuff was so tough – girls dancing like guys, leaving it all on the floor, and everything infused with this amazing energy. She was perfect. No one out there was doing what she was doing, so we gave Parris her first shot, knowing that she’d create something completely different from anything else we had seen onstage. And she killed it,” said JLo.

Parris’s big breakthrough came in 2014, when Justin Bieber asked her to dance, choreograph and direct 13 music videos for his Purpose album, including Sorry, which is now the third most viewed video on YouTube. From there, Parris worked with Jennifer Lopez (aka JLo), Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo and K-pop stars, CL and Taeyang. Since then, Parris hasn’t looked back and is currently working on some secret projects that will elevate her yet again.

Parris personifies ‘Girl Power.’ She has heaps of smarts and is passionate about helping others. Parris is actively involved in Sisters United, the charity she founded with her sisters, Kendal and Narelle, dedicated to mentoring Polynesian women and youth throughout New Zealand. For every copy of YOUNG QUEEN sold, $1.00 will be donated to Sisters United:

Parris invites readers into her life with the publication of YOUNG QUEEN, writing openly about the fears, grief and obstacles she’s overcome; her creative process; work ethic; relationships; and lessons learned on her journey to the top. Parris also offers fans a backstage pass into her life, by sharing tons of photos from her personal collection – both on tour and on set – many of which have never been seen before.

In Parris’s own words, “Success is a feeling within yourself of fulfilment and personal achievement. Success is individual and different for everyone. Don’t be fooled by some generic, stereotypical idea of what it is, because success is very personal – and only you know what yours is and what it feels like. It’s your journey, no one else’s. I’ve never chased glory, fame or status. I’ve only ever wanted to live my dreams and make myself PROUD.”

Parris Goebel is an internationally recognised, multi-disciplinary artist. She is an award-winning choreographer, dancer, actor, singer and director. She has choreographed world tours for Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Janet Jackson. Her Palace dance crews have won eight gold medals at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships, and she has performed with The Royal Family in sold out tours all over Australia, Asia, the US, and Europe. Parris has been awarded “Best Live Performance of the Year” and “Best Choreographer of the Year” three times by WOD International. Some of her work in television and film includes appearances on the hit Australian dance show, So You Think You Can Dance, the popular American series Dancing with the Stars, the American Music Awards, and the MTV Music Awards. She also appeared in and choreographed scenes for Step Up 5, and directed and co-starred in the film Born to Dance. Also, a recording artist, Parris recently released EP Vicious.

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